About us

We believe that there is no such thing as a lack of talent for learning programming

Every person has the necessary skills to master it. We don’t want your dreams to be limited by lack of access to the right teacher or lack of money. We are confident that committing to 15-30 minutes a day can truly change the way you learn and greatly increase your ability to learn a new programming language.

Do you think you’re lacking the talent for languages? You don’t agree with us? Aren’t you fluent in at least one language? Not only in speaking, but in reading and writing? Of course you are, we’re talking about your mother tongue. Do you remember having difficulty learning it? Do you struggle to communicate in this language? No? Exactly!

So why does it seem so difficult to learn a language?

It’s simple. Since the day you were born, you’ve been spoken to by someone every day, in your native language, and you were eager to understand what that someone, probably much bigger than you, was saying. You didn’t come out of the womb saying “mom” and “dad”, it took time. It took months to learn, not because it was difficult, but because your body and brain had to develop.

So you do have that innate ability to learn! This should be the same when learning a new language, but it doesn’t feel that way. Why? In order to answer this question, we need to think about what made the learning process so easy with your mother tongue.

We can help you by breaking it down into two categories:

1. Motivation to learn - a typical toddler is hungry for knowledge. He/she wants to understand the meaning of the word “mom” and “dad”, because they can see that it brings joy to those people who, for some reason, seem to always be around. A child wants to make his parents smile. They want to know what to say to get another treat and be spoiled by their granny. They want to communicate their needs and wants efficiently. They have a lot of motivation to learn.

2. Systematic learning - that child, like you, is in touch with the language every day. They are engaged much more often than once a week during a lesson. One lesson a week is not enough to learn a language. Look at how you have tried to learn so far.

  • How many years did you spend trying?
  • How much did it really cost you?
  • Teacher's hourly rate
  • Cost of commute
  • Time spent learning and traveling to your lessons

And are you satisfied?

No. Unfortunately, without practicing every day the results will be poor and learning will be difficult. You will spend a lot of money and time, and will find yourself disappointed with the lack of results.

Why have we created Motivpark?

We want everyone to be able to learn programming languages and we believe in their abilities to do so! We want to help adults, often very busy with their careers, to learn programming more efficiently. What if we told you that it only takes 30 minutes a day to learn to code? Would this change your motivation? If you are able to dedicate yourself to the process and motivate yourself for less than half an hour a day, we are certain that even your mom can learn JavaScript in just a few years!

We won’t pretend to be your granny and offer treats for motivation, but you’re too old for that anyway. You’re an adult. \ We focus on mechanisms which work with busy adults.

That’s why we have created Motivpark. The method is simpler than most - but much more efficient.

Ready to get started?